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Dateline: Mon 27 Jun 2011

A certain user, who will not be mentioned, has been banned from viewing/commenting on this blog.  As with all trolls, if you ignore them, they will go away.  Don't write about him, don't ask about him, don't put his name in the comments and don't post as him.  Violation of this policy will get you banned too. 


Anonymous [unverified] said:

Thank you!

2011-06-27 18:33:20

ruthholl [Member] said:

Yeah. This is supposed to be fun. A little serious, but not that kind of brutal serious.
Thank you, admin.

2011-06-27 18:44:56

Jason [unverified] said:

Thanks as well.

2011-06-28 02:21:21

Tell The Truth [Member] said:


FUN? Really? That's the goal?

Now I know.

Party on, Ruthie.

2011-06-28 13:48:44

varangianguard [unverified] said:

Well, it appears that I have been missing some of this "fun" you are all talking about. Darn it all.

2011-06-29 18:18:06

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