Update on Star layoffs

Dateline: Tue 21 Jun 2011

It's a real slaughter  today in the newsroom, with 80-some jobs totally eliminated at the Indianapolis Star. More than 60 of those were filled by real-live people -- working reporters/editors/copy editors, etc.

The actual body count is 62 people out of a job. Maybe a third of those are covered by the Guild. Of that 62, about 30 are newsroom positions; the zones took the worst beating.

People are using war language: "I'm in shock"...."This is brutal..."...."I am absolutely sick to my stomach" as we digest the names of those let go.

Someone lifted the following hit list from Facebook and posted it in comments earlier:

Rob Annis, Steve Slosarek, Russ Leonard, Gretchen Rush Becker, Josh Duke, Marilyn Cooley, Mike Davis, Kevin O'Neal, Kevin Lane, Kelly Jones, Ted Schultz, Julie Dart, Barbara Hoffman. In another FB posting, it looks like Mike Jesse got taken out as well. Another poster on this blog noted that statehosue reporter Lesley Stedman Weidenbener of the Louisville Courier Journal is also out.

This blog will post names as they become available. As another former colleague said earlier today in an email, "Every day I'm glad I'm gone!"

I know the 62 people who got this ugly news today don't feel that way, though....

(I've been in a dentist's chair most of the afternoon, and I prefer root canal to delivering the sort of news that's printed above and follows.

On the off chance someone reading this does not read Gannettblog by Jim Hopkins,  these layoffs are part of a Gannett Co. strategy to kill off 700 jobs. Jim puts the loss into context: this is the worst round of layoffs since 2009, when Gannett eliminated about 1,400 jobs; these layoffs come after dedicated reporters, editors, etc., endured unpaid furloughs, and that pig at the top of the heap, CEO Craig Dubow, was paid $9.4 mil last year.


Herman Hoggleboggle [unverified] said:

Here's the list tallied so far, broken down by area:

Scott Bacon
Tom Brew
Marilyn Cooley
Julie Dart
Mike Davis
Kevin Lane
Russ Leonard
Geoff Ooley
Maurice Williams

Rob Annis
Gretchen Becker
Josh Duke
Jenny Elig
Kevin O'Neal
David Savka
Ted Schultz

Alan Petersime

Mike Jesse
Barbara Hoffman

Steve Slosarek

2011-06-21 15:57:07

Herman Hoggleboggle [unverified] said:

According to the story over on IBJ.com, the final figure was 26 from the newsroom, so my list is a half-dozen short.

2011-06-21 16:01:42

ruthholl [Member] said:

Unreal. Bad bad deja vu.

2011-06-21 16:10:56

ruthholl [Member] said:

Herman, thank you for running the numbers and names.

2011-06-21 16:14:48

DwightSchrute [Member] said:

The Star? You suck. Gannett? You suck even worse. Bunch of idiots!!

2011-06-21 16:45:15

Herman Hoggleboggle [unverified] said:

One additional subtraction: copy editor Bob DiNicola.

2011-06-21 16:50:37

Arthur [unverified] said:

More walking dead, slain by incompetent millionaires.

2011-06-21 18:40:26

Anonymous [unverified] said:

And longtime copy editor Judy Wolf.

2011-06-21 19:56:24

Howard Smulevitz [unverified] said:

Sickening. So sorry, friends.
I wonder what all those eager-beaver Pulliam Fellows, WSJ interns and any other newbies around there this week are thinking about their futures...

2011-06-21 20:43:30

Robert Knilands [unverified] said:

User was banned for obnoxious trolling and the comment was removed. --Admin

2011-06-21 23:34:39

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