Dateline: Tue 21 Jun 2011

This email went out to a variety of contacts, etc., today from Lesley Stedman Weidenbener of the Louisville Courier-Journal:

"I’m sorry to tell you that The Courier-Journal has decided to close its Indianapolis office. As a result, I have been laid off and will leave my position today.....

"You’ve all been incredibly good to me in my 15 years covering the Indiana Statehouse for two newspapers. They were the best jobs I’ve ever had.

 "I’m sorry too for such an impersonal note. I hope to talk with you soon.

"Cheers, Lesley

"Lesley Stedman Weidenbener

"Indiana Statehouse reporter"


John McGauley [unverified] said:

Unbelievable. I've known Lesley for 20+ years and cannot believe an organization would let someone of her caliber go. What a waste of talent and knowledge. Congrats on making your product infinitely less valuable, C-J!

2011-06-21 19:57:35

Jennifer Whitson [unverified] said:

Lesley's a stellar reporter and a class act. I'm stunned and so saddened.

2011-06-21 21:03:23

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

She'll find work. She's way too good.

2011-06-21 21:18:14

Evan Davis [unverified] said:

Sorry to hear about your job, Lesley. I would expect that someone with your talent will land another job before long, though it sure looks tough for newspaper employment.

2011-06-21 22:35:11

George Stuteville [unverified] said:

I didn't know you well, but I respected your work immensely.

2011-06-22 07:52:11

Mary Dieter [unverified] said:

I used to have Lesley's job, and I recommended her to get it when I left because I knew her work was of high quality. This is a blow not only for Lesley but for the people of Southern Indiana, who have counted on C-J Statehouse coverage for more than 60 years.

Some of you may remember the stellar, incomparable Gordon Englehart, who had the job for 25 years before me. Others had it for fewer years but represented an uninterrupted era of high-quality journalism to serve the southern third of the state.

This news probably shouldn't surprise us, but it is nonetheless devastating. Best wishes to Lesley; my sympathies to her and southern Hoosiers.

2011-06-22 10:08:24

Steve Hinnefeld [unverified] said:

This is a real shame. Lesley does great work and has deep knowledge of the statehouse and how it works (and how it doesn't). Like Mary says, it's not surprising, but it's devastating. With cutbacks like these, it gets harder and harder to keep track of what mischief our elected officials are up to.

2011-06-22 13:41:58

gertie malone [unverified] said:

The last reporter to question the actions of either political party laid off... huh... I guess my cynicism runs too deep to be shocked by this action by a greedy corporation. I'm sorry Lesley. I will miss you. I will miss reading the whole story. I guess it's off to the blogosphere permanently now.

2011-06-24 21:28:01

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