The Star is bracing

Dateline: Thu 16 Jun 2011

for more layoffs.  Staffers in the newsroom -- fatuously known as the information center or some such Gannett-fabricated dribble -- are next. The axe will begin to fall, as early as next week, possibly.

This follows on the heels of a shakeup in marketing and the upper echelons of the paper, written about here previously.

Tipsters' comments/insights on this dreary topic are welcome.


Duke [unverified] said:

Never fear, Star Readers. Soon, for the amazingly cheap price of $0.25 per week, you will be able to receive (as a supplement)
The new "Weekly TV". If you are luckily it will be brightly colored and intricately folded so that you can separate it with ease from the rest of the junk.

2011-06-17 09:30:52

Christopher Lloyd [unverified] said:

Blecch. Terrible news. I have nothing but admiration and affection for those still in the newsroom ... especially those in the under-appreciated features department.

2011-06-17 21:03:33

Fact checker [unverified] said:

Ruth, as some on Gannett Blog have urged, please don't post such statements unless you are willing to share information about your sources, so we can evaluate the veracity for ourselves. Job loss is too serious a matter to be stirring up fear without basis.

For instance, how well-placed is the source/s and what basis do you have for thinking layoffs will hit the newsroom in particular? And, what areas of the newsroom might be most likely to get hit?

2011-06-18 10:05:43

VladtheImpaler [unverified] said:

I also hope it's not true that the newsroom is about to be visited again by the Grim Gannett Reaper. Although I haven't worked there for years I know there's still lots of potential for cost-cutting in one particular department of the newsroom.

Won't identify the department but it has four seasoned reporters/editors who'd be perfect targets for the Gannett Reaper. Replace them with lower paid, younger folks and Gannett could easily save a combined $100,000 annually in salary alone.

Frankly, I'm amazed they've eluded the Reaper this long. Their byline output is weak relative to their salaries. Their expertise was once valuable to a more cerebral newspaper but it has no quantifiable value to Gannett.

2011-06-18 13:17:33

ruthholl [Member] said:

You must be referencing biz or editorial...cuz sports does not qualify as cerebral. Comment?

2011-06-19 20:25:07

Anonymous [unverified] said:

Vlad, do the math. If each of those 4 is making just $25,000 a year ($100,000 saved total) Gannett is not going to find anyone cheaper.

2011-06-20 01:08:16

Anonymous [unverified] said:

Besides, they can't do what you're suggesting as long as the Guild is active.

2011-06-20 01:10:54

VladTheImpaler [unverified] said:


Vlad did the math. Gannett could replace each of those four people with a person making $25,000 a year less, for a total of $100,000 in savings.

The Guild is virtually worthless. Ways can be found to put each of the four on the dreaded PIP plan. Gannett is diabolically clever in that regard.

2011-06-20 08:31:25

DwightSchrute [Member] said:

Vlad is correct on one point.

The Guild is worthless. It comes from being powerless.

But in the Guild's defense, management plays REAL dirty!

2011-06-20 10:40:07

DwightSchrute [Member] said:

Oh, and my thoughts go out to all who still work at The Star in avoiding the Gannett axe. And if they can't avoid it, I hope they find a gainful employment elsewhere. And working anywhere else would be a gain for them.

2011-06-20 10:43:04

VladTheImpaler [unverified] said:

If Gannett managers were in charge of Mother Theresa's order of nuns it would have found a way to place her on a PIP for not being charitable enough to the poor. Dirty Gannett bastards.

2011-06-20 11:11:02

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