Dick Cady corrects the record

Dateline: Thu 09 Jun 2011

This just in...from Dick Cady, former Indianapolis Star columnist, investigative reporter, city editor and now a published author, re: his departure from the Star newsroom:

":That was Joe Gelarden's comment, that I walked out with a SYMBOLIC finger in the air. I would never do it literally, even if I wanted to, which I didn't. I just turned in notice and walked out. I simply felt the circumstances were lamentable and things that had been going on were part of the accelerating decline of print, as it turned out they were. Soon enough, of course, Gannett came along, and I wouldn't have lasted a half of a nano second under that flag anyway.
All that stuff about parting shots--funny but sad."


George Stuteville [unverified] said:

I totally agree.

As for me, the day I left, I had a front-page news story. What I never told is that during my last few months, I was allowed to drive The Star's van. On my last day, the van had a flat tire. This was causing me to be late in returning it, a situation I explained to my editor at the time, whose name is Jeni. Jeni said that if I didn't return soon, security would have to be notified.

Such was the end of my 20-year tenure at the paper.

My last day was the same day as PJ, who left her statement taped to Nancy Winkley's office.

Sometimes I've wished I had done something similar, something brash, something worth re-telling.

But I am glad I didn't.

I went out with class and a modicum of dignity.

2011-06-10 11:40:43

ruthholl [Member] said:

I walked out, but I had in my head the line from Holden Caulfield, as he left Pency Prep, where he was flunking out; the book is my favorite, "The Catcher in the Rye." Hollered Holden, in that bleak frozen winter night:


2011-06-10 22:19:00

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