Behind the headlines on the DeLaney attack

Dateline: Sun 01 Nov 2009

Here is what the Star has not yet reported about the attack on State Rep. Ed DeLaney, although this speculation was on one of the local TV shows last night.

This info comes from a trusted source:

"(Suspect Augustus) Mendenhall's father was arrrested and jailed for running a porno store in about 1983. He supposedly approached Ed, pistol in hand, and said "this is for ruining my father's life."

"The pistol jammed, so he began pistol whipping Ed. All others involved in the case have been notified."

Thanks to my informant for shedding light. Mendenhall is indeed an attorney as well. Sad.


hendy [Member] said:

Assault with intent.... 'Gus' Mendenhall's up for some time in Pendleton, it would appear. Whoever the witness was that called the police needs to be lauded; the individual probably stopped a murder.

2009-11-01 11:20:29

anonymous [unverified] said:

You need to get your facts straight. Mendenhall's father was not "arrested and jailed for running a porno store." In fact, he didn't even run the porno store, he owned the property and leased the space out. As for your "informant," I'm curious to know who this person is, as the quote is wrong.

2009-11-01 18:13:24

ruthholl [Member] said:

Thanks for that information. That is new to me.

2009-11-01 19:26:28

anonymous [unverified] said:

I know the post above is correct. I know Mendenhall's father was not arrested and jailed and did not run a porno store. He did own the property and leased the space. Bad judgement, but ....

Augustus Mendenhall is obviously an extremely troubled man.

Let's hope Delaney can quickly recover and continue his good work.

2009-11-02 20:30:49

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