'A whif of shit'

Dateline: Thu 24 Dec 2009

A friend asked yesterday if I'd gotten 'any whif of shit' regarding Indianapolis Star exec editor Dennis Ryerson.

That's a hard question to answer, so I deferred back to my friend, who explained: The Star received a package yesterday addressed to Ryerson.

When it was opened -- it is uncertain by whom, but someone in the newsroom tore off the wrappings, etc., possibly even himself --  it turned out to be a package full of shit. Quite literally.

The only "evidence" so far points to Cicero; it was mailed from that community. In characteristic over-reaction, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was contacted. I am sure that decision required much soul-searching and several meetings with top sycophants.

No word yet on the source of the shit: animal, human, whatever.

Can someone please get a copy of that police report?

What a crappy thing to do.

And one can only speculate on what particular issue Ryerson went on about that caused such a response.  Perhaps his wishy-washy condemnation of global warming critics? Perhaps just attitude of the paper in general?

Ah, well. The sender's message is clear. Ryerson is full of it. And the Star newsroom stinks.

Too bad Editor and Publsiher is no longer around to take this one on....





Matthew Stone [unverified] said:

Maybe this site was used?


2009-12-24 09:44:31

ruthholl [Member] said:

Wow. Talk about ingenuity.
I love the photos of the, ahem, donors on that site.
Go Missy! Great gig, little champ!

2009-12-24 10:05:00

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

On rare occasion, the word "shit" fits.

In too many occasions, describing Mr. Mary Milz, it definitely fits.

He's smart, so he can't use ignorance as an excuse. He definitely knows which side of his bread is buttered.

Now if only he'd get the message: run the place any way you want. But don't ever again come off high-and-mighty in your weekly column, because you haven't earned the right to do so.
Sanctimonious asshole.

Come to think of it, kill the column. It is pretty crappy, too.

2009-12-24 11:52:14

hendy [Member] said:

No, no one deserves this fate.

Get the DNA evidence and find the guilty proctological orifice and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, says me.

Metaphor is often brilliant, but in this case, it's not.

2009-12-24 13:16:16

VladTheImpaler [unverified] said:

Dennis should count himself lucky it was just poop instead of boom-boom.

2009-12-24 14:10:25

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

I agree that no one deserves that treatment.

I also agree with Tell the Truth's comment:

"But don't ever again come off high-and-mighty in your weekly column, because you haven't earned the right to do so."

He comes off trying to sound like Pope Dennis most of the time. Self-absorbed and condescending.

A mirror so he can admire his own image would have probably been a more appropriate gift.

2009-12-24 21:48:31

Seneca [unverified] said:

"Too bad Editor and Publsiher is no longer around . . ."

Ah, but it is. The link:


2009-12-25 07:38:29

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Ok, I'll bite.

What's "boom-boom" ?

2009-12-26 05:43:03

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Oh, yeah, I forgot--an early New Year's resolution:

If Dennis's column tomorrow is all "we do good stuff for you" via the "It's a Good Life" comparisons--I swear to God I'm finding the Milz home to picket.

My sign will read: "Enough already. Stop writing."

Give peace a chance.

2009-12-26 05:45:20

hendy [Member] said:

There is an easier way, TTT. Stop subscribing and just get it online. The only vote that counts with a commercial organization is the financial one. Peace of the holidays 2U, 2.

2009-12-26 12:29:04

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Done. Two years ago.

Sanctimonious bastards like Mr. Milz must be stopped.

As in "stop the presses."

2009-12-26 15:33:32

VladTheImpaler [unverified] said:

Ok, I'll bite.

What's "boom-boom" ?

It's not hard, T3, ye who drips of sanctimony.
What goes "BOOM"?
It's not thunder,
It will tear you assunder
Think, think
Sometimes I think you drink
Biscuits, biscuits
And tons of gravy
Served up in a lead plate
You dullwitted Hoosiers
Are driving Vlad crazy.

2009-12-26 16:56:08

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Hmmmm....Ik drip of sanctimony, huh? Interesting.

I still have no idea, Vlad. But thanks for trying.

2009-12-27 04:33:04

nicmart [Member] said:

How does one distinguish between fecal odor and the normal feculence of an establishment newspaper?

2009-12-27 07:05:52

ellen [unverified] said:

the late, lamented gannettblog documented a similarly odiferous incident -- in cherry hill, n.j., if i remember correctly.

only there, it was left on a restroom floor, not mailed to the boss.

i guess if it's company policy to treat loyal, overworked employees like shit, sooner or later someone will return the favor.

(ttt, i presume "boom-boom" was intended to connote an explosive device of some sort.)

btw, i thought the milz/ryerson marriage hit splitsville some time ago.

2009-12-28 13:26:27

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I'm unaware of the potential Milz split, Ellen, and I never wish ill on anyone, but that marriage as s sham when it began.

2009-12-28 13:50:19

Kendra [unverified] said:

You guys need to move on. You wouldn't want someone talking about you like this or wishing ill will on your personal relationship.

There are tons of things out there to discuss that are productive. Find one.

2010-01-03 20:58:48

Jim Hopkins [unverified] said:



2010-01-04 10:58:50

Roberta X [unverified] said:

If you ask me (and it's how I blogged it) a newspaper editor's not doing his or her job if there's not a flaming-bag-of-poo delivery or something of that general ilk arriving at least once a week.

The poor lad ought to be flattered: at last -- just this once! -- he has managed to stir someone's passions. It's a pity that, instead, he had to spoil the moment by wetting himself.

(But y'otta leave his personal life out of it. Tsk, you can loathe a man without being petty, can't you?)

2010-01-06 19:22:11

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