And the winnah is....

Dateline: Sat 26 Jul 2008

There is no winner.

The "plant" in Putnam County past-times is the story about a prize being given for the best tattoo and the fattest Hoosier at the Putnam County Fair. I made that up, because I see little kids at the swimming pool with tattoos (fake, I hope) and because, well, we are fat.

Alas, all the other stories are just so: the women at the TOPS picnic will be eating KFC and pie; the Confederate Rebel flag did fly; the goats were handily praised; the chickens did die in the storm, still a mystery how; and, alas, the Banner Graphic of Greencastle did publish John McCain's exit strategy along with an insulting Obama campaign.

So why am I moving from Putnam? Because I want to savor these great memories in my dotage....


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