Putnam County past-times

Dateline: Thu 24 Jul 2008

Let's play a game today. Following are some headlines and/or stories that recently "broke" in Putnam County. Some of the events described were reported in the Greencastle Banner Graphic newspaper. Others are simply hearsay (but true, fair and accurate -- well, almost).

However, one story is a ringer. Pick the one that is not true.

1. Goat judge impressed by Putnam County. (Number of goats largest ever seen; character of dairy goats here noted).

2. Man flies Confederate war flag on county property governed by fair board. When man is finally asked to take flag down by a reluctant public official, he does. But he does not understand what the problem is.

3. TOPS group (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) plans picnic; spends 20 minutes discussing meat, finally decides on Kentucky Fried Chicken. Dessert will be pie, but NOT peach or rhubarb.

4. Summer storm hits Putnam with 80-mph winds. Some chickens at county fair killed. Banner-Graphic editor Jamie Barrand includes this info in a story, then has to write follow-up column defending her decision after reader calls the paper "a joke." Paper never explains how chickens were killed.

5. Two new fair contests give prizes for "best tattoo" and "fattest Hoosier." This is part of the carnival circuit, not a sanctioned fair activity.

6. Banner-Graphic beats New York Times to punch and runs John McCain's op-ed piece, "My plan for Iraq." NYTimes had printed Barack Obama's strategy but an editor rejected McCain's because it contained no new information. B-G also runs insulting Obama cartoon on top of McCain's article, showing Obama as a New Yorker terrorist and a crying baby.

OK, which story is made up?


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