Update: 'Stunning dismantling of newsroom' at Trib

Dateline: Tue 22 Jul 2008

Thanks to Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana, who documents the nation's troubled newsrooms by sending along a story from 'Chicago Business," about a veteran Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who is leaving the Chicago Tribune.

Here is the essence of the story:

"Maurice Possley, an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune whose reporting helped bring about the state's death penalty moratorium, is resigning from the newspaper.

"Mr. Possley, who joined the Tribune in 1984, on Monday volunteered to be one of the staffers laid off in upcoming newsroom cuts the paper is making to balance falling advertising revenue with expenses...

"Mr. Possley's decision was based on what he referred to as the "stunning . . . dismantling of our newspaper in such a short time," according to his note.

"'I always had envisioned retiring from the Tribune, but events of the past year, including (Editor) Ann Marie (Lipinski's) resignation, convinced me that now is the time for me to seek my fortune elsewhere,' Mr. Possley wrote."

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