Nature lovers, rich people, anyone

Dateline: Thu 17 Jul 2008

On Page E3 of today's Star, in the features/Smart Shopping section, please note the Carpenter ad on the bottom right of the page. Nice red border, nice yellow house.

That's my joint, and it is for sale. Plus you get 90 acres, a 3-acre lake, woods, fields and lots of "rocks and water," as my grandson says. Carpenter agent Connie Cooper correctly notes that this property is a great investment potential: you can start your own camp, horse stables and trails, or ATV park. Heck, start a feral cat/raccoon center -- oops, we've already done that. Lavender farm, bed and breakfast, retreat -- possibilities are endless.

The woods are great. Putnam is the best. But two little boys are in the city who have dibs on my heart. So I'm ready to return to civilization, with all its pitfalls.

The price is $399,000. Connie's number is 765-621-3040.

OK, now let me tell you about my kittens....


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