Barrack Osama? Sleepytime editor...

Dateline: Sun 13 Jul 2008

Barack Obama may be "setting up shop in Indiana," according to today's Behind Closed Doors in the Star, but he isn't getting much help from a copy editor at the Indianapolis-based paper.

The Star Westfield bureau reported in early July that a new Dem HQ was opening in Hamilton County in downtown Noblesville. This is big news, as Dems in Hamilton County are as scarce as slender Hoosiers in Putnam.

Unfortunately, a sleepytime copy editor at the Star was in charge of marshaling the press-release/story through channels. When the editor hit spellcheck, the malicious little device changed the name Barack Obama to Barrack Osama. The editor, and others, must have been on a zzz attack, because the mistake made it thru, all the way to the slot and into the final edition.

The result was a next-day correction of the "Due to an editing error" nature.

We've all wagged out tongues at the notion of outsourcing copy editing to India, but with goofs like this, can that plan be far behind?

As for Osama, er, Obama, according to today's Star, he has campaign offices in Evansville, Fishers, Fort Wayne, Muncie, South Bend and (upcoming) Bloomington.

I have a call in to Hamilton County Dem chair Keith Clock to ascertain the certainty of the Noblesville office. Perhaps Clock closed the doors when he read in the paper that Barrack Osama was the candidate...Obama is enough of a long shot, but Osama?

Please. Take drugs, or something. Wake up.


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