That shoddy "new construction"

Dateline: Thu 10 Jul 2008

The Star's Mary Beth Schneider reports this morning that the vaulted Lucas Oil Stadium, with a price tag of $750 million and an opening date of Aug. 16, can't quite hack the rain.

The building -- the biggest thing I've seen on this Earth -- flooded when drainpipes backed up Tuesday night. As much as 3 feet of water was left standing in some areas.

New construction, whatcha gonna do? Will mold be the next problem? Here's part of the story:

"It's too early to tell if it was a failure or a constructability problem or a design problem," said John Klipsch, executive director of the Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority.

"This happens on a lot of these construction projects. Before you're completely done, you need to work out the bugs. We consider this a major hiccup and a big bug."

Nice choice of words. What with Indy's inability to keep the lid on the murder rate and the always simmering property-tax crisis in Marion County, Putnam is looking more and more like heaven.

Here is the link to the Star story:


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