IUPUI attacks own student: FIRE

Dateline: Wed 09 Jul 2008

Thanks to Oink for tracking the case of IUPUI student Keith Sampson, found "guilty" of reading a book.

Here is an update from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, (FIRE), which is holding IUPUI's feet to the fire on this issue.

Here is their posting from Tuesday:

"Two months ago, in the face of withering public criticism, Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) revoked its original finding that student-employee Keith John Sampson had committed racial harassment by reading a book at work that celebrated the defeat of the Ku Klux Klan in a 1924 street brawl. Now, IUPUI is claiming that Sampson was in fact punished for some other behavior, but the school refuses to reveal any details of this alleged conduct. FIRE is calling on IUPUI to either reveal and prove this alleged offense or stop publicly smearing its own student."

To read more, here is the FIRE link: http://thefire.org/

Once again, this hypocrisy cries out for coverage in the state's largest newspaper. In the meantime, we'll check FIRE and the Wall Street Journal for the latest "local" news.

The FIRE essay contains contact information if you want to pursue this. Here are the names:

Robert L. Shibley, Vice President, FIRE: 215-717-3473; robert@thefire.org

Charles R. Bantz, Chancellor, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis: 317‑274-4417; cbantz@iupui.edu


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