Bilerico takes a birthday bow

Dateline: Wed 09 Jul 2008

In the incestuous world of blogs and bloggers, my experience is that we more often celebrate each other's success than roast it. In that spirit, please join in wishing the Bilerico Project a happy first birthday today.

Friend Bil Browning, who created the site as and then expanded it to national scope as the Bilerico Project, reached out to me shortly after I started blogging. He's a go-to guy whose commitment has made Bilerico Project a big voice.

Here is the story, from Bil:

"We were a local blog for a few years before we decided to go national

as the Bilerico Project. The site has been a huge success and we're

now the largest LGBT group blog in the nation. Our contributors are

selected by the Editorial Team for their history as LGBT leaders in

their chosen fields. We have authors, organizational leaders,

comedians, academics, lawyers, activists, and bloggers. We even have

2 advice columns and a daily cartoon strip! The main goal of the site

is to promote discussion around the myriad issues that touch on LGBT


"Our most unique feature is our contributors. They don't always agree

with each other and several are diametrically opposed. We've brought

them all together though so readers can get a feel for other trails of

thought that they might not be exposed to regularly. It IS a


"The past year has been exciting and fun. Jerame, Alex and I are three guys from Indiana who've helped move some of the focus on LGBT issues from the coasts to the heartland. That alone is worth all of the time and energy. We're proud of what we've done and plan on continuing it

for a few more years!"

So way to go BP. Keep up the good work and the high energy.

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