Tales from the Crypt (Gannett stories)

Dateline: Mon 07 Jul 2008

Jim Hopkins at Gannettblog is reporting that staffers at USA Today will now have to provide their own cell phones, paying for that service. The good news? "Approved employees" only will be reimbursed for their cell phone service fees.

This comes along with news that Gannett stock is down to $19.35 this morning already. See Gannettblog, on the watch:


As to cell phones, here's a funny-peculiar story: The Star paid for a few that were supposedly for staff, altho they were scarce as copy messengers. I always used my own. Gannett had a quaint rule, however. Should the intrepid reporter be driving and using his/her cell phone, and should the reporter have an accident, Gannett would not be responsible for paying those bills. Even if the reporter was talking to an editor at the time of the fatality (or near miss).

Of course, nothing stopped frenzied editors from calling reporters on the road. Many is the night I took calls while going 70 mph on I-70. But if I'd been gakked, it would have been my own damn fault.

Live and learn.


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