NUVO: where there is smoke, there's fire

Dateline: Sat 05 Jul 2008

Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana posted the following statement Thursday from NUVO editor Laura McPhee:

"NUVO was as surprised as those in the general public last night when news broke that an Indianapolis police officer and his wife have been arrested for allegedly operating a prostitution ring from their Greenwood home.

"While Lori Vernon-Lee has been an advertising client of NUVO for several years, no employee of NUVO had any knowledge that Ms. Vernon and her husband were violating both Indiana State Law and their advertising contract with NUVO by running ads for prostitution.

"'While we support the right of individuals to seek adult entertainment, we also abide by the Indiana State Law that prohibits advertising any business that exchanges sex for money,'" said NUVO Publisher Kevin McKinney in response to the arrests."

But some of us wonder why on earth NUVO would be so surprised. Or how McKinney can maintain the double standard of supporting the "right" to seek adult entertainment, yet being a law-abiding citizen when it comes to taking money for advertising such services. Maybe NUVO should get behind challenging the law?

Well, at least drop the hypocrisy.

A fact-check in Google shows other reported incidents when cops nailed prostitutes and/or pimps who were advertising in NUVO. In fact, word to the wise: if pimping and whoring is your line of work, you may want to avoid NUVO in the future. The fuzz are onto you.

In 2005, Channel 6, among others, reported that the Marion County Sheriff's Department arrested a woman on the southeast side of Indy for promoting prostitution. According to the story, Nov. 29, 2005,

"An undercover detective responded to an ad for the business, placed in Nuvo magazine, and caught Margaret Hines, 27, offering to perform a sex act in the home this month, the department said."

Then in 2006, the town of Fishers police department issued a release saying they had arrested a woman for prostitution after neighbors reported suspicious activity at an apartment.

Again, NUVO is mentioned: "Investigators discovered an advertisement in NUVO magazine for Asian Therapeutic Massage using the ...address>"

So, big deal. In terms of "sin," sexual shenanigans rank at the low end of Dante's circle of Hell. NUVO has to pay the bills. But the law is also the law, and it apparently has been broken in the past.

It will be worth watching to see what NUVO does. But please, don't feign surprise at the current bust and the connection to NUVO. It's disingenuous.

Here are the links to the two reported earlier stories:

And thanks to tipsters on following thru on this.


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